Hire Agreement

1. The lender agrees to lend the baby carrier described to the Borrower on the following terms:

( i) The hire period is either 2 or 4 weeks.

(ii) The standard hire charge is £15 in total for 2 weeks or £20 for 4 weeks. A deposit of £40 is payable at checkout, refundable upon safe return of the baby carrier / sling.

(iii) At the end of the hire period the Borrower will return the baby carrier / sling to the Lender in satisfactory condition, i.e, free from dirt and damage.

(iv) If the baby carrier / sling is returned by the Borrower in an unsatisfactory condition (examples include, but are not limited to:

dirt marks, rips/tears, wear and tear beyond what would reasonably be expected during the hire period), the Lender shall be entitled to charge the full cost of the carrier as is deemed reasonable to cover the cost of cleaning or replacement.

(v) In the event that the hire pack is returned incomplete (examples include but are not limited to: missing instructions, missing tote bag, missing accessories / additional items) a deduction will be made from the deposit.

(vi) In the event that the said baby carrier/sling is returned to us late, then a standard late fee of £1 / day will be charged for each day the carrier is late, deducted initially from the deposit paid.

2. Full instructions will be provided to the Borrower on how to use the baby carrier / sling correctly.

Please note that you must use the items safely and strictly in accordance with all laws, only for its intended purpose and in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions; we will only hire to you if we are certain that you know how to use the carrier safely and is appropriate for your situation and child being carried.

It is your responsibility to ensure that other members of your family using the carrier are competent and aware of the safety implications of carrying children in a baby carrier. We provide safety leaflets in your hire pack.

3. The Borrower accepts that their use of the baby carrier / sling is entirely at their own risk and neither BWNI nor any member thereof accept any liability for any personal injury, loss or damage that may occur to the Borrower or the children of the Borrower during the hire period.

4. In the event that the baby carrier / sling is not returned to the Lender within a period from the expiration of the initial hire period, BWNI will take appropriate legal measures to recover the baby carrier / sling, or the new cost value of the baby carrier / sling. The matter will be referred to the PSNI for investigation and recovery as they consider the non-return of such items as theft.

5. This Hire Agreement is in addition to our standard Terms and Conditions.