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LennyLamb Preschool Carrier Hire

LennyLamb Preschool Carrier Hire

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A wrap conversion carrier for toddlers & preschools from 1-5 years.

Grows with your child.

Adjustable panel for a perfect fit and ergonomic positioning at every stage of your child's development so you will be able to use this carrier for a very long time.

Reinforced construction for comfort.

The gold spot between secure and solid construction and the softness to keep the comfort while babywearing.

RRP: £149

  • Suitable from above 1 year to at least 5 years of age.
  • Positions – Parent-facing, back.
  • Fully adjustable width & height.
  • Ergonomic leg position – wide, fully adjustable seat width ensures a comfortable and ergonomically correct position for your child’s hips.
Babywearing Safety

For carrying safety always refer to the TICKS Safe Babywearing Guidelines included in your hire pack.

Always be aware and responsive to your baby’s needs for safety and comfort.

In both warm and cold weather, remember:

  • one layer of sling is equivalent to one layer of clothing;
  • cover / protect head, feet, legs and hands;
  • choose comfortable, light clothing, preferably made from natural fibres;
  • carry baby as close to you as possible, with as few layers between you as possible.
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