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Minimonkey Baby Carrier Hire

Minimonkey Baby Carrier Hire

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Minimonkey Baby Carrier Carrier

A mesh baby carrier that can be used right from birth

Head well supported
The top of the carrier has a double-folded edge that you can move up and down. This padded edge gives support exactly where it is needed – for a newborn, the top edge should come to just below the ears.

Natural posture
For proper hip development, it is important that the baby is carried in a natural position. The so-called M-position or frog position. The legs are spread slightly and pulled up high, with the knees above the bottom. The older the baby, the more the legs can be spread. The width of this baby carrier automatically adapts to your baby’s ‘spread width’ and can be narrowed to fit also very small babies.

Not too much pressure on the back
The shoulder straps can also be attached to the waist belt (instead of the front panel), which avoids putting too much pressure on baby’s back and ensures that baby gets the right support.

RRP: £129

  • Suitable from newborn to 2 years of age.
  • Positions – Parent-facing, back.
  • Adjustable in height.
  • Ergonomic leg position – wide, fully adjustable seat width ensures a comfortable and ergonomically correct position for your child’s hips.
Babywearing Safety

For carrying safety always refer to the TICKS Safe Babywearing Guidelines included in your hire pack.

Always be aware and responsive to your baby’s needs for safety and comfort.

In both warm and cold weather, remember:

  • one layer of sling is equivalent to one layer of clothing;
  • cover / protect head, feet, legs and hands;
  • choose comfortable, light clothing, preferably made from natural fibres;
  • carry baby as close to you as possible, with as few layers between you as possible.
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